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Consulting to help individuals determine their personal needs, goals and aspirations to help make their dreams come true ! 

Trust College Consulting with expert advice

  • 8th grade students needing a 4 year H.S. curriculum plan prior to entering H.S.
  • High School students grades 9 – 12 
  • Students wishing to transfer to another college 
  • Non-traditional students/adults seeking to attend graduate or professional schools 
  • Adults seeking to attend college for the first time, or complete a degree 
  • Every student is guaranteed unlimited consultation time and personalized, comprehensive service. College Consulting, LLC offers flexible programs tailored to the unique needs of each student.
  • “Late bloomers”

Affordable College Consulting!


Realizing that each student is an individual and that determining the needs, goals and achievable aspirations of the student is paramount, College Consulting, LLC conducts a consultation with each prospective client – the student and/or their family – during which needs are assessed and the best options are offered to the client.

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Consulting fees are contingent on the services your student requests/requires and can be hourly based to determine whether your student is on track with their plans for college. College Consulting offers, too, a Limited Consultation Plan which reviews the high school transcript to-date including grades in classes, standardized tests, extra-curricular interests etc. and prepares a preliminary list of colleges. 
A third option is the Comprehensive Consultation (an on-going service for the academic year) which guides students every step of the way as they prepare for college. All plans address student’s strengths and weaknesses. Suggestions are made to enhance their personal record. 

Please call 203-505-5168 to discuss your student’s personalized needs. 


The College Admissions Process can be a daunting task for even top students and educated parents.  Every year, thousands of students across the country do not get into their first choice college, just because of small errors on applications and important factors overlooked.  We can help guide you through all these processes.

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Hundreds of thousands of dollars are left unclaimed on the table each year because the Scholarship and Financial Aid applications process can be complicated. 

With the World Wide Web at everyone’s finger tips there is enough information available to navigate successfully through the admissions process. However, the shear volume of it all can be overwhelming and derail your future. 

College Admissions Officials spend a few minutes on each of thousands of applications they receive. 

Please call 203-505-5168 to discuss your student’s personalized needs. 

Will your application stand out?

Don’t have sleepless nights about getting into the college of your choice. Trying to do it on your own can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your future. We have 25 years assisting students and parents with making smarter choices for college admissions.

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We focus on the goal of navigating the college admissions process successfully. Our comprehensive, personalized service is customized to meet the needs of each student, determining whether they are on the right track no matter whether they are top of their class or a late bloomer. With unlimited consultation time, we include all services and make sure each step of the process is completed with excellence, navigating through financial aid, scholarship issues, personal statements, essays, deadlines, documents, and every concern the student may have through this process. 

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With a Bachelors Degree in English and French, as well as a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling, Mary Lou Kelly has dedicated more than 25 years of her life to education and helping students achieve their dreams. With her can-do attitude and superior knowledge in the field of the college acceptance process, Mary Lou is a specialist who has seen hundreds of students accepted in not only the college of their dreams, but also in the colleges most suited to their future plans. 

Trust the expertise of seasoned, independent college consulting services offered by College Consulting, LLC in the skilled hands of Mary Lou Kelly, B.A. M.Ed. – your personal College Admissions Specialist, serving Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. 

Mary Lou commands great respect as an educational consultant in college admissions, and she takes pride in continued education by constantly monitoring up-to-date admissions trends, frequenting many college campuses, meeting with college admissions representatives on a regular basis and attending professional conferences, both regionally and nationally to ensure the highest quality and up-to-date information for each of her clients. With vast experience as both a public and independent school counselor and teacher, she is ideally qualified to advise each student on how to achieve their maximum potential while giving the student a realistic and achievable range of options. 

As a specialist in her field, with the ability to successfully match students to the right colleges for decades, she is the expert to have as your advocate to navigate the hurdles and obstacles in the challenging road to the college of your choice. 

Offices relocated from Fairfield, Ct. to Westport, Ct.  Tel: 203-505-5168 


3 Reasons To Use College Consulting

  1. Unlimited Counseling through the May 1st (Candidate’s Reply Date)
  2. 100% Successful College Acceptances
  3. 25 yrs Counseling students to ensure the “right fit”, academically & socially.

Our Consultative Process

10 Step Process

1. Initial Evaluation 

During the initial evaluation consideration will be given to the following areas: 

Preview of high school transcripts inclusive of classes and grades. 
PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, Subject Tests. 
Extra Curricular and Personal Activities 
Special Talents – Artistic, Athletic, etc. 
Class Rank 
Classes taken each year 

The student’s accomplishments and weakness are addressed. 

Recommendations are made to enhance the academic and personal high school experience for the student and a customized plan is formulated based on the student’s needs and abilities. Services and fees are discussed to best determine how a student can benefit from having College Consulting, LLC as their advocate. 

2. College Search 

Many factors determine which college can be the best choice, such as major, cost, size, location, activities, etc. Students often choose a college because of the prestige attached to the college, and find their career ideals and major courses are not a focus at that college. College Consulting, LLC will supply each student with an initial list of colleges, best suited and tailored to their needs and expectations. Later the list can be narrowed based on the student’s preferences. 

3. College Visits 

Students and families are encouraged to visit suitable colleges to assist them in narrowing their choices. During this process they can continue to rely on educated advice from College Consulting, LLC, based on the best interests of the student, taking into consideration the customized plan for the student. 

4. Review of Student Questionnaire 

Students submit a questionnaire containing information on high school activities, extra curricular activities, community service, sports, employment [part-time, after school and summer employment], academic awards and honors, summer enrichment programs, internships, hobbies and interests. The information is reviewed and special considerations that may have influenced the student’s performance are noted. 

5. Special Talents 

Students with special talents, such as artists, musicians, athletes receive advice on presenting a complete resume that may include portfolios or audiotapes. 

6. Personal Essays 

Ideas are developed, brainstorming topics are exercised and consideration is given to writing style. The goal: A well written essay that makes a student stand out. 

7. Letters of Recommendation 

Advice is given on the most appropriate people to write the student’s letters of recommendation, what subjects to choose from and how many letters are needed. 

8. The College Interview 

College Consulting, LLC gives advice and instruction on how to approach the College Interview, how to strategize and how to prepare for it. 

9. Applications 

Each application is scrutinized to be sure questions are answered correctly and completely including essays and optional questions. 

10. Contact 

Every student has the guarantee from College Consulting, LLC for continuous support throughout the process as questions and concerns arise. Unlimited contact through acceptance is given, extending through April 15th and includes assistance with making a final decision and Wait-List, if applicable. 

For student and parents – this is a phone call you cannot afford not to make. 


“I have been working with Mary Lou Kelly and College Consulting LLC for the past several years, since my daughter was a freshman in HS. She is now a junior. Mary Lou has been extremely helpful and instrumental in helping to navigate the curriculum and path for my daughter so that, at an early age, she is more aware of the issues surrounding college candidacy and is better positioned to capitalize on them. On Mary Lou’s advice we have been conducting some early college visits and this has been very helpful in providing the tangible bar of achievement and success necessary to attend a particular school. This provides clear information as to what is required for admission and additional incentive to my daughter to succeed at the HS level. Mary Lou’s overall college insight in is unmatched as to what we have seen thus far.”


(Easton, CT)

“My experience with having had Mary Lou Kelly as my daughter’s college consultant was a life saver! Initially, Mary Lou provided a bridge for communicating with my daughter about the college planning process. Just that word “college” produced so much stress for both of us! Mary Lou’s consistent and effective guidance put me at ease and kept my daughter on track through important deadlines and decisions. Mary Lou saw strengths in my daughter that even her own school counselor did not. She helped her apply to competitive schools and envision herself as capable and confident. I am so grateful that I did not have to go it alone and that we had the support we needed, from SAT’s to essay writing to interviewing. This experience helped preserve our relationship throughout this precious and sometimes difficult time of life! My daughter’s confidence soared as she got acceptance letter after acceptance letter. I am sending my daughter off to a college that she chose because it was the best fit for her and I would like to send a big Thank You to Mary Lou for walking beside us each step of the way.”


(Fairfield, CT)

“Mary Lou Kelly offers a highly personalized service that focuses on the unique and individual needs of the client. Mary Lou’s wealth of experience, combined with an engaging communication style, connects immediately and positively with Youth. Mary Lou is a one-of-a-kind Educator and consummate Professional.”


(Westport, CT)

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